CleanSleep Certified Mattress

Clean Sleep’s revolutionary mobile mattress sanitization process will ease the minds of corporations and consumers alike allowing them to rest assured knowing that their mattresses are Clean Sleep Certified. This certification signifies that your mattresses are rid of any unwanted pests and micro-organisms.

With this technology, we are not only protecting the wellbeing of those who choose to be Clean Sleep Certified, but we are contributing to the protection of the environment. Mattresses are sent to landfills every day where they can take more than a human lifetime to decompose.

By having your mattresses sanitized regularly, you are both eliminating unwanted contaminants and organisms, as well as prolonging their life of your mattress, in turn keeping them out of a landfill.

Your mattress is a big investment wich you spend approximately 33% of your lifetime on! Do not let it be the breeding grounds and resting spot for irritating pests and unwanted microorganisms. Protect it and yourself by having it Clean Sleep Certified.

Clean Sleep Machine – 5 step process

1. UV-C Light acts as a germicidal agent. UV-C breaks down the nucleotide pairs that make up the organism’s DNA, inhibiting their ability to function & reproduce.

2. Dry Steam penetrates the surface of the mattress. It is made up of a low-moisture steam that provides sufficient heat to reduce the viability of a wide spectrum of micro-organisms.

3. High-power vacuum that extracts debris. 10x more powerful than a household vacuum. (Standard vacuum = 200 airwatts / Clean Sleep Vacuum = 2150 airwatts)

4. Ozone helps to eliminate odors causing oxidation of organic molecules. Ozone has antibacterial properties.

5. Infrared heating heats the mattress to 170° F to remove residual moisture. It is vital to remove all moisture from the mattress / textile to inhibit the growth of molds and other fungi.