Everyone loves the look of stainless steel, but keeping it looking clean can be a big problem!

The sleek, contemporary look of stainless steel appliances is the preference of most consumers. Stainless Steel is known for its ability to be a clean surface. Consumers and designers alike seek the clean, smooth, reflective surface. However, the fingerprints and smudges are inevitable and can mar their appearance and beauty.

ProtoInox innovative technology applies a permanent layer of protection between appliances and the family’s fingertips. ProtoInox is now offering you the opportunity to apply this application to consumer’s appliances that will diminish fingerprints and make it easy to maintain. The hard acrylic polymer protector will create a smooth barrier that reduces and eliminates fingerprints, smudging, soil accumulation and makes it a snap to clean.

Product Benefits

ProtoInox provides a protection with an exclusive technology using ultra hard micro polymers to keep your customer’s appliances looking brand new.

Antifingerprint ProtoInox by ProtoPoli

Reduce & Eliminate Fingerprints

The grain that gives the stainless steel surface its sheen and beauty is also responsible for the accumulation of soil. The polymer coating creates a barrier that does not allow for these soils to be attracted to the surface, which reduces & eliminate fingerprint issues.

Anti Bacteria ProtoInox by ProtoPoli

Reduce Germs and Bacteria

The soil and bacteria trapped in the stainless steel surface can result in illness of any family member. Raw food, germs, and bacteria can lodge in the grain of the surface. The polymer coating will seal and repel these contaminants keeping the household much healthier.

Make Cleaning Easier ProtoInox by ProtoPoli

Make Cleaning Easier

The polymer coating does not allow the soils, oils, germs, and bacteria to bond to the surface, so cleaning is as easy as wiping with a dry or damp microfiber cloth.

No More Daily Cleaning - ProtoInox by ProtoPoli

Eliminate the Need For Daily Maintenance

Until now, the only way to keep your appliances clean was to use expensive stainless steel cleaners on a daily basis. With ProtoInox, you simply need to wipe it down once or twice a week.

ProtoInox by ProtoPoli

Company coming? It’s clean and pristine.

With ProtoInox, appliances and stainless steel always look Pristine in the event of unexpected company!

What are you waiting for? Make cleaning easier

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